Bicycle Racing Photography by Bobby Sapovits
Hello, and welcome. I've been photographing bicycle races for most of my adult life. Here I have put up links to some of my better work for your viewing pleasure. Most of the shots are from the USPro Championship race held in my home town of Philadelphia. I will try to post shots from other races as well as I find the time to scan and upload. Please feel free to download any images for use as wallpaper or any other personal use. If you are interested in using one for a commercial venture, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me.
First Union/USPRO Championship 2001
First Union/USPRO Championship 2002
Wachovia/USPRO Championship 2003
Wachovia/USPRO Championship 2004
Wachovia/USPRO Championship 2005
Commerce Bank/Philadelphia International Championship 2006
Commerce Bank/Philadelphia International Championship 2007
Commerce Bank/Philadelphia International Championship 2008
TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championship 2009
TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championship 2010
Cheltenham Classic 2001
Cheltenham Classic 2002