Pro Cycling Tour 2010 Philadelphia

Photographs by Bobby Sapovits

Welcome to my Photographs of the 2010 TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championship. For all twenty six of it's races over the last twenty six years, I've gone to and photographed this great race..
All photographs were taken with a Canon 5D using the 17-40, 100 Macro, and the Canon 300 f4. Many have flash fill where I used a Quantum T2 ("til the turbo died).Usually I carry everything around the course in my daughter's Schwinn trailer, but this year, due to some illness, I decided to walk the course instead. You can see previous years photos at To see my portfolio, go to And, if older bicycles and parts are what make your heart beat faster, check out The Bicycle Info Project. Feel free to download any images for your own personal use (like a screensaver), but if you wish to use any in any type of commercial application, contact me. All photographs are copyright © 2010 Robert (Bobby) Sapovits and may not be used without permission. (Please.)
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